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MTB Scotland wants to give you and riders in countries of English Common Law nexus, like USA, Australia and UK, an impartial, and comprehensive guide to mountain biking throughout Scotland, and it highlights fine products like Huffy®, Buff®, Endura® and Revolution® and other cool things we like.

But don’t get cheeky mon, MTB Scotland is run by mountain bikers for mountain bikers and other forms of outdoor biking related to having a good time on mountain bikes. Whether you’re an off road motorcyclist, a top-class XC racer, a weekend downhill racing regular, a beginning learner, or a family of riders looking for safe place to take the wee ones. And it does not matter if your a fellow Scot, American living in Santa Monica, or Newport Beach, California, and whether you’re a native of the English invaders, MTB Scotland could save you from an MTBI (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury) while riding mate.

Mountain Biking in Scotland to Santa Monica, California is Fun

Mountain Biking in Scotland to Santa Monica, California is Fun

If you haven’t been mountain biking in Scotland before, the Santa Monica mountains, or for a cruise down Venice Beach on a ‘Beach Cruise”, you’ve really missed a lot of great things Jimmy! Did you know that Scotland was voted “Global Superstar” by the IMBA in 2005 for its “outstanding mountain biking”? And Scotland is gorgeous mon. It boasts Hadrian’s Wall, wind swept rolling hills on its borders. Simply put, the rugged landscapes of the Highlands of our beloved Scotland, boasts the largest continuous area of high ground in the United Kingdom of Britain.

With more than 700 mountains over 2,000 feet, 86 of which are higher than Snowdon, along with fantastic mountain bike centres like the 7stanes®, Leanachan Forest®, and Laggan WolfTrax®, Scotland almost puts the “mountain” in “mountain bike”!®. If you take a spill on a bike or are hit by a motor vehicle and it is not your fault, you get a bicycle accident lawyer. If you need a fast and easy energy snack, so you don’t pass out, fall and get injured, you look here for bicycle energy meals. It is all here on our local services and businesses directory from Los Angeles, California, to New York, to Scotland.

Much of MTB Scotland can be browsed by anyone, but at the heart of the site is our community of mountain bikers who have listed their service or product in our “bicycle business places.” Adding your bicycle related service or other business is absolutely free and it only takes seconds to register your local business places, and get a free link with anchor text from As a listed business bicycle service or organization, you’ll be able to add exposure of your service or products to the mountain biking community across the globe. You will also have permission to speak to a lawyer if you were run over. (Learn More.) We have several tort lawyers who regularly contribute, such as Ehline Law Firm PC.