Riding Your Bike in Michigan State and National Parks

July 4, 2012 Posted by mountain-bike-scotland

Riding Your Bike in Michigan State and National Parks

Often, when I am riding across the different parts of the world, I find I get hurt in an accident, typically involving a passenger car, or a pothole. I like to find areas where there are less cars.  Often, I find resources online that help me with the issues I experience. Since I just flew in from Michigan, I wanted to chat with you a little about riding in the national parks, the state in general, and also, who you could call if you needed legal advice.  Here goes nothing: In Michigan, bicyclists are permitted to ride on all highways and roadways, except limited access freeways or unless otherwise posted. Bicycles are also allowed on all road systems including those in the State of Michigan forests, state parks, national forests, and national parks.

Many of the state and national trails in Michigan are suited for all-terrain bicycles and as a resource to our clients, our Michigan bike accident injury lawyers have provided the use of trails in these areas below (information provided by the Michigan Department of Transportation):

  • State Forest Trials – Bicycles are allowed on most state forest trails. Contact phone number regarding state forest trails: 517-373-1275
  • State Park Trails – Bicycles are currently allowed on trails in 31 State of Michigan parks and recreation areas. This includes the Kal-Haven and Hart-Montague Linear State Parks, which were developed specifically for bicyclists. Contact phone number regarding state park trails: 517-373-9900
  • National Forest Trails – Bicycles are allowed on national forest trails except where posted. Prohibited trails include the following: Nine Mile Creek – Manistee National Forest, Hoist Foot Trail and Reed Lake Trail – Huron National Forest, and portions of the North Country National Scenic Trail – Ottawa and Hiawatha National Forest. Bicycles are also prohibited in congressionally designated wilderness areas. National forest maps are available at each forest service office. Contact phone number regarding national forest trails include:
    • Huron-Manistee National Forest: 1-800-821-6263
    • Ottawa National Forest: 906-932-1330
    • Hiawatha National Forest: 906-786-4062
  • National Park Trails – Bicycles are NOT allowed on national park trails

Bicyclists make up two percent of all victims in traffic accident annually. Although the number of bicycle accident injuries in the United States has decreased substantially since 1994, bike accidents are still a serious issue, as they can cause serious injuries, even wrongful death. <<< This link explains what a wrongful death is back in the US state of Michigan.

Victims of bicycle accidents do have legal rights. There are Michigan bicycle accident Buckfire attorneys that I found online whilst searching on Google.  I reviewed their videos, and the literature on their site, and see that this personal injury barrister/solicitor, has successfully represented injured motorcycle and bicycle riders for over 40 years. For more information after a bike accident and to discuss your case, the website says you can call (800) 606-1717 to speak to them.  It says they are an award winning personal injury law firm, and the name of the lawyer firm is Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. The website has a lot of great tips for cyclists, and we recommend it as a resource for when you travel.

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