Tour de France Riders Hit Snag When Tires are Flattened

July 17, 2012 Posted by mountain-bike-scotland

According to reports approximately 30 of the 50 front cyclists ended up with puncture holes in their tires, from tacks on Sunday. Defending champion Cadel Evans and Brad Wiggins, were two of the riders that ran over the box of tacks that were strewn across the road in the vicinity of the summit of Mur de Peguero.

This is the second of two category one climbs, and the 14th stage of the 191 kilometer route, and is the second to cause problems. The first event occurred last Saturday, when British rider Brad Wiggins, was struck by a demonstrators flare and suffered burns to his arm.  Race officials are asking police to investigate the incident that put as many as for tacks in one rider tires.

Race director Jean-Francois Pecheux on French television that the search for a culprit, would be nearly impossible, with the thousands of fans on the roadside at the time the incident happened. Sky Team requested that riders did not speed ahead, taking advantage of the misfortune of the approximately 30 riders that ran into the tack covered roadway.

The winner of this stage of the Tour de France was Luis Leon Sanchez, who with several other riders ahead of the pack, missed the sabotaged roadway.

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